What our Customers say

"OMG, this place is great. They were quick to answer when I called and gave me very realistic expectations. When I arrived they gave me a further run down as to what to expect with time and cost. They then blew all of my expectations away. They had my problem identified and fixed almost as soon as I sat down. They then gave my car a once over to be sure it was good to go before sending me out. I was anticipating waiting a week and paying $$$, but that was not the case. My situation is a bit unusual, but I will certainly trust my car to them again in the future."

– Wayne Daigle

"If you want a thorough repair and done right the first time, take your vehicle to Keith’s Auto. I was aware of other problems with my Truck and took the truck in for a fuel pump. They replaced the fuel pump and made me aware of the brakes and lights also. They repaired my vehicle down to the last minor details. They have a customer for life now. Thanks Al and Keith!"

– Leisa Laster

"We've been using Keith and his crew for many years now. They are always very attentive to us, always finding the best way to save us money and get our cars in working condition. He even rescued our old mother last weekend when we couldn't find anybody else to help and he adjusted our generator so it would work through the hurricane season... can't say enough good things about this company."

– Paul Miller